Washington Post | Wearable Tech Can Spot Coronavirus Symptoms Before You Realize You’re Sick

WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute Announces Capability to Predict COVID-19 Related Symptoms Up to 3 Days in Advance

There is NO diagnostic test on the market with the same outcomes… over 90 percent accuracy

Reopen the MORE we can go to football, sport events, nursing-and eldery homes, better we can TESTING on asymptomatic symptoms of COVID-19

Humanoid robot ...COVID-19 ZERO CONTACT

To re-open the economy we need sufficient testing...

1. PCR or molecular testing in a lab takes too much time and it's not workable for daily use...

2. Antibody tests: fingerprick bloodtests...result within 15-20 is'nt a diagnostic test but perfect for disease surveillance.

Temperature testing with a IR or thermal camera can be a solution because it's scalable and we have results within msec...temperature testing itis not enough because you can't detect asymptomatic patients ( >60%). Also with some paracetamol you can misleading the camera. With a robot and a thermal camera and transdermal optical imaging from a camera we can also detect the asymptomatic people...the people that you shall miss with a thermal camera alone...

Testing, testing, testing...with privacy & security

1. Daily use testing: thermal camera in public places.

2. Sport events: Health passport valid during 14 days...print pass out of the robot

3. Health passport: body temperature, SpO², HR, Respiratory Rate, takes no more than 2 mins

New study  estimated that nearly 75% of COVID-19 infections were ASYMPTOMATIC

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine   

Asymptomatic ?

Research has laready shown that most of the people don't develop the symptoms commonly associated with the disease. COVID-19 is a respiration related disease...body temperature >37,8 °C is an important vital sign but when you take some paracetamol your body temperature shall be normal...We detect oxygen saturation SpO2, heart rate and shortness of breath within 2 mins from a distance of max 1 m with a humanoid robot...ZERO CONTACT...No contamination...

Estimated Variation over Time in Diagnostic Tests for COVID-19

Before symptom onset

Week -2 Detection unlikely (because no symptoms)

Week -1 Detection unlikely (because no symptoms)

Symptom onset

Week 1 : best results with PCR swab, sputum

Week 3 and Week 4  Antibody detection

Week 4,5,6 More likely to register a negative result by PCR 

With our Vital Sign robot detection we test everyone...with symptoms or without symptoms

case airport: 100 passengers with fever >37,5°C about 60 positive tests on COVID-19

- severat passengers abnormal SpO², HR, Respiratory Rate, Stress L...

Oxygen saturation Sp0²

WHO "Clinical management of severe acute respiratory infection when COVID-19 is suspected

Silent hypoxia specially by eldery people...< 95% 

PaO2/FiO2 < 300mmHg

indentifying patients developing COVID-19 early is very important so that treatment can start before they need to be intubated and put on a ventilator.

Sp02, heart rate, respiratory rate...dry cough

WHO 67,7 % of COVID patients have a dry cough with no mucus. With an accuracy of 70% based on the sound of the cough it is possible to make the difference between a cough from a cold or allergy or...

Air travel...other transportation

Customers will be able to undergo screening before checking in for a flight...restaurants will be able to safely serve customers that performed a quick check-up before entering... 

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