Who is Bob ...a social robot for Alzheimer's Disease...loneliness is likely to increase your risk of death by 29%

Without empathic skills a physician is a highly trained computer...Bob can not replace a physician or a caregiver but he can give the right assets...

Vital Sign Data Variability versus imaging data ( static snapshot data or "too late" data)

BPV Blood pressure Variability: not BP is the risk for AD but BPV day-by-day

Heart Rate Variability is a tool to asses autonome function

Oxygenation Variability

Mental Stress Level Variability

Bob is a social robot that grows with you in your have a good emotion and empathy connection with the Alzheimer's patient.

Bob can recognize you and react to your emotions...Bob develops an unique personality depending on your interactions based on the OCEAN model...

You can teach Bob and learn him empathy...with his self-learning system Bob can learn also a cultural knowledge...

With 5 G we have massive amounts of data related to Alzheimer's and with AI we detect patterns...5 G for robotics and IoT in real-time

Brain-Heart axis variability data and Alzheimer's...      Nature 2019

American Heart Association 2019

Hypertention Blood Pressure Variability and Progression of Clinical Alzheimer's Disease 

Volume  74 ISSUE 5

Summary from 243 observational protective studies and 153 randomized control studies

Alzheimer's riskky and Protective in time

Bob grows in your disease

Personality and behavioral changes accompany Alzheimer's disease...each type of Alzheimer's have his own personality pattern

Therapeutic alliance

Relatedness: there is a connection on an emotional level...the patient has the feeling that the doctor really cares


PET scan, MRI scan, Lumbar punction are snapshot data or "too late" data

Our system is based on real-time data and vital signs data